Brittany Natural Sea Salt, gray coarse moist crystals (sel gris)

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Hand harvested in the true Celtic Tradition using wooden tools to avoid metal transference, Brittany Sea Salt is viewed by many to be the most flavorful of any of the sea salt on the market today. Gray Salt is the living, moist, coarse crystals left sitting on the bottom of the salt pan which is gathered up with long shafted and wide toothless rakes. It is transported in small wooden wheelbarrows to a packaging area and heaped up into piles. This salt has great versatility and can be used in almost any culinary application, including artisan bread making. Use a with a salt grinder with a ceramic blade or one that can't rust, to grind these coarse, gray, moist salt crystals to season anything. This is an excellent for curing salmon and making gravlax, or cold smoked salmon.

Ingredients: salt, (sel gris)