paprika extract, organic, oil soluble

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Composed of the finest natural paprika, this Organic Oil Soluble Paprika Extract is an essential culinary asset for chefs and food enthusiasts alike. It's a vibrant, versatile ingredient that brings a rich, smoky flavor and stunning visual appeal to a variety of dishes. Another product resulting from our ongoing passion for fine ingredients, Paprika oil, will enhance your culinary toolkit and inspire your culinary creations with its robust flavor and vibrant color.

Usage: .5 - 1%

Marinades for Meat & Seafood: Infuse meats and seafood with a smoky, spicy depth by incorporating the paprika extract into your marinades.

Salad Dressings: Boost salad dressings by adding a few drops for a hint of warmth and color.

Sautéed Vegetables: Drizzle over vegetables before sautéing to enhance their natural flavors with a touch of smokiness.

Pasta Sauces: Integrate into pasta sauces for an extra layer of complexity and vibrant color.

Baking Breads: Use in bread doughs for a unique twist, adding both flavor and a striking visual element.

Grilling Glazes Apply as a glaze on grilled foods for an extra punch of flavor and a beautiful, appetizing sheen.

Cocktail Enhancer: Experiment in mixology by adding it to cocktails for an unexpected smoky note and visual flair.

Regulatory Status: All flavor ingredients contained in this product are approved for use in a regulation of the Food and Drug Administration or are listed as generally recognized as safe on a reliable published Association List. Manufactured in the USA for safety and purity.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, paprika oleoresin (color)