About Terra Spice

Our spices are a celebration of the natural bounty of the earth.

Built upon the principles of a French kitchen, Terra Spice represents a pursuit of excellence. The aim is simple: bringing world-class spices to world-class chefs, but the execution demands the highest levels of precision and attention to detail.


A Pursuit of Gastronomy.

On his path from line cook to executive chef, Philip Abbott toiled through French kitchens with a singular pursuit: the mastery of gastronomy. Like many chefs, he encountered an obstacle: access to premium spices worthy of his kitchen required hours of sourcing built upon long relationships with exclusive vendors. So Philip left the kitchen, resolved to bridge the gap between chefs and the premium spices needed to master their craft. Gathering the world in one warehouse, he formed Terra Spice.

Since the beginning, Terra Spice has been a celebration of the natural bounty of the earth. We are honored that our spices have earned space in some of the finest kitchens in the world. Today, Terra Spice extends an invitation to world-class and home chefs alike to join the pursuit of excellence by seasoning their kitchens with premium spices.