cranberry maple

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Changing the way you season poultry and pork dishes. Use this blend to bring your holiday dinners to the next level by introducing cranberries, maple, herbs, and spices. This blend has subtle citrus notes that pop through this sweet, tart, and savory blend and accompanies everything from proteins to heirloom squash and sauces.

Ingredients: cranberry powder (cranberry non-GMO drum dried, maltodextrin, corn starch, lecithin), sea salt, organic cane sugar, spices, orange peel, domestic onion, maple extract powder non-GMO (dextrose, corn starch, tricalcium phosphate added to prevent caking, water, glycerine, alcohol), domestic garlic, cranberry extract powder non-GMO (cranberry non-GMO, drum dried, maltodextrin, corn starch, lecithin), dextrose, corn starch, citric acid.)

Contains: Soy

Allergens: soy