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hickory smoke flavor, oil soluble, organic

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This organic, oil-soluble essence captures the authentic, robust essence of hickory wood smoke, bringing a depth of flavor to a variety of dishes. This flavor enhancer is perfect for infusing your creations with the nostalgic, smoky aroma reminiscent of open-flame cooking. Whether enhancing a dish or adding a touch of refinement to a cozy meal, this hickory smoke flavor is your secret to unforgettable culinary experiences.

BBQ Marinades: Infuse meats like ribs or brisket with a deep, smoky flavor before slow-cooking or grilling.

Vegetarian Delights: Enhance grilled vegetables or tofu with a smoky twist for a meat-free yet flavorful dish.

Savory Sauces: Add a few drops to barbecue or steak sauces for an extra layer of complex, smoky notes.

Gourmet Snacks: Boost popcorn or nuts by mixing in the hickory smoke flavor for a unique snack.

Signature Cocktails: Create a smoky old-fashioned or other cocktails that call for a hint of woodsy aroma.

Soup and Stews: Introduce a subtle smoke undertone to lentil soups, beef stews, or chowders.

Artisan Breads: Incorporate into dough for a distinct, smoky-flavored bread or focaccia.

Usage: .25 - 1%

Regulatory Status: All flavor ingredients contained in this product are approved for use in a regulation of the Food and Drug Administration or are listed as generally recognized as safe on a reliable published Association List. Manufactured in the USA for safety and purity.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, natural flavors