Jamaican jerk

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Unearth the magic of the Caribbean with our Jamaican Jerk Blend - a lively melange of spices, chiles, and Hawaiian black lava sea salt. Teetering on the brink of a heatwave thanks to crushed habaneros and enhanced by a touch of sweetness, our Jamaican Jerk Blend is a culinary ticket to tropical delight. Stir into a marinade with water, rum, and lime zest, then let your choice of chicken, beef, fish, or vegetables soak up its intense Caribbean spirit overnight. Whether you choose to sizzle it on the grill or roast it in the oven, you'll present a feast of flavors that mirrors the vibrant heart of Jamaica.

Caribbean Grill Extravaganza: Marinate your favorite protein - chicken, beef, or fish, in a mixture of Jamaican Jerk Blend, water, rum, and lime zest. Let it infuse overnight before grilling it to smoky perfection.

Jamaican Jerk Stir-Fry: Jazz up your everyday stir-fry by adding a dash of our Jamaican Jerk Blend. Sauté your favorite vegetables or tofu, add the blend, and experience an explosion of flavors.

Jamaican Roasted Veggies: Toss an array of seasonal vegetables in olive oil, Jamaican Jerk Blend, and roast in the oven until crispy and golden.

Caribbean-Inspired Pasta: Give your traditional pasta a tropical twist by sprinkling Jamaican Jerk Blend into your tomato or cream-based sauce.

Jerk-infused Soup or Stew: Add an exotic flair to your soups or stews by adding a teaspoon or two of the Jamaican Jerk Blend.s.

Ingredients: domestic onion, domestic garlic, Hawaiian black lava sea salt (sun-dried, hand-harvested white Hawaiian sea salt, premium activated coconut shell charcoal), spices, granulated brown sugar, chiles