piment d'espelette

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Heat Level: Scoville Heat Units: 1,000 - 9,000 SHU

As with Champagne, only specific regions of France can claim the title of Piment D'espelette for this chile pepper. This chile pepper boasts a vibrant yellow-to-orange hue intermingled with touches of red, presenting an aesthetic appeal as alluring as its taste. Its flavor profile surpasses that of ordinary paprika, offering a more decadent, pronounced essence and a subtly smoky fruit aroma. On the Scoville scale, Piment d'Espelette ranges from a mild 1,000 to a moderate 9,000 SHU, making it a versatile ingredient for heat enthusiasts and those preferring milder spices. To maintain its optimum freshness and potency, we package it in 4-ounce, air-tight, resealable packages, safeguarding it against oxidation.

Enhance Classic French Cuisine: Incorporate into traditional French recipes, enhancing mayonnaise, egg dishes, or cheese-based meals with its unique flavor.

Versatile Sauces: Blend into béchamel or hollandaise sauces for a subtle, smoky twist.

Savory Spice Rubs: Create a balanced rub for meats, particularly chicken or lamb, combining with herbs like thyme and rosemary.

Vegetable Roasts: Sprinkle on roasted vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, or eggplant for a flavorful enhancement.

Sweet and Savory Baking: Experiment with baking, adding savory scones or chocolate desserts for an unexpected zing.

Seafood Enhancer: Season grilled or sautéed seafood, particularly shrimp or scallops, to heighten their natural flavors.

Cocktail Rims: Edge cocktail glasses with a mix of Piment d'Espelette and salt for a unique, spicy kick in Bloody Marys or Margaritas.

Ingredients: ground piment d'espelette chili pepper