ranch buttermilk dressing base

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Some of our blends bring dairy richness into your favorite recipes, like our ranch dressing. Use this blend to enhance a cheese and buttermilk flavor while providing a touch of herbs and seasoning. We use natural dairy products in our blends which adds a complexity of flavor and texture. Use to season hamburgers, meatloaf, poultry burger, deviled eggs, mac and cheese, chicken cutlets or wings, baked potatoes with sour cream, or sausage seasoning.

Ratios for Ranch Dressing, Buffalo Ranch Dressing
2 Tbls or 1 oz spice mix to 8 oz Mayo and or sour cream
4 oz Milk

These are suggested ratios, feel free to use more or less milk or mayo and your choice of milk, skim, whole, 2% etc.

Ingredients: organic buttermilk powder (organic pasteurized, low heat, organic buttermilk, organic skim milk, contains milk), organic cane sugar, sea salt, domestic onion, spices, domestic garlic, domestic tomato powder non-GMO, citric acid non-GMO, xanthan gum non-GMO.

Contains: Milk

Allergens: milk