ras el hanout

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Experience an unparalleled symphony of rich floral and exotic flavors with our Ras el Hanout spice blend. This enchanting mix embodies the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine and is versatile enough to elevate sweet and savory dishes. Our Ras el Hanout, translating to "Head of the Shop," is the crown jewel of our spice collection, featuring the luxurious touch of saffron. Indulge in a culinary adventure as you enhance delicate meats, grains, soups, desserts, and more!

Create an irresistible marinade for chicken or fish, unlocking the depths of flavor Ras el Hanout brings.

Transform simple rice or couscous dishes into aromatic, palate-pleasing masterpieces with a sprinkling of this exotic blend.

Add a new dimension to your vegetable dishes by roasting or sautéing them with a touch of Ras el Hanout.

Surprise your guests with a unique spin on cocktails or mocktails, using a Ras el Hanout-infused simple syrup to add complexity and intrigue.

Reinvent classic desserts like carrot cake, bread pudding, or ice cream by incorporating Ras el Hanout for a delightful twist.

Ingredients: rosehips, spices, hibiscus (May contain traces of peanuts), lavender, natural non-GMO flavors (corn oil and / or soybean oil), saffron.

Contains: Peanuts

Allergens: peanut