sesame seed, white, hulled

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Our White Sesame Seeds bring you an age-old culinary secret - hulled to perfection, and these seeds celebrate a time-tested tradition dating back to 3,000 B.C. Originating from Asia and Africa, they encapsulate an incredible blend of mild sweetness and rich nuttiness, a flavor profile magnified through roasting. They contain nearly 50% oil content and are ideal for numerous cooking applications, providing a harmonious blend of taste, texture, and aesthetics. From adorning your favorite breads to garnishing sumptuous sushi or California rolls, these White Sesame Seeds offer a versatile addition to your gastronomic ventures. Turn an ordinary tuna dish into an exquisite treat by coating it with a blend of our White Sesame Seeds and their black counterparts, seared in dark toasted sesame oil - a combination guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Embellish a homemade artisanal bread with a sprinkle of our White Sesame Seeds before baking, adding a touch of rustic elegance and a wonderful nutty crunch.

Create an enticing sesame-infused salad dressing, combining these seeds with olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs for an elevated taste experience.

Add depth to your stir-fry dishes with a generous dash of roasted White Sesame Seeds, providing an exciting textural contrast and a rich, nutty flavor.

Make your sushi or California rolls stand out with a meticulous topping of these seeds, adding a pleasing crunch and visual appeal.

Blend these seeds into a smooth tahini sauce, a Middle-Eastern delight, perfect for pairing with flatbreads or adding to hummus and other dips.

Ingredients: Contains: Sesame

Allergens: sesame