sour cream and onion seasoning

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This blend sounds simple but the flavors of rich dairy combine with sweet, sour, bitter and salty to make fried, baked or boiled potatoes extraordinary. However, this complex blend is complementary to more than just potatoes, use on poultry, beef, and with vegetables or make as a condiment by adding to sour cream.


Ingredients: organic sour cream powder ((cultured organic cream, organic nonfat dry milk, vitamin e added to preserve freshness).* *Contains less than 2% silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent)), organic buttermilk powder organic pasteurized, low heat (organic buttermilk, organic skim milk), sea salt, domestic onion, honey granules (refinery syrup & honey), Dijon mustard powder (mustard seed, ground, vinegar white distilled powder (maltodextrin, food starch-modified, & vinegar), lemon crystals (Meyer lemon powder non-GMO, maltodextrin, corn starch, sunflower lecithin), organic cane sugar, citric acid non-GMO, dextrose non-GMO, lemon oil (California, pure, single fold, non-GMO), sea salt, domestic onion, sea salt, domestic garlic, spices.), organic cane sugar, domestic garlic, spices.

Contains: Milk, Sunflower & Sulfites

Allergens: milk, sulfites