agar-agar, powder, organic

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Our organic Agar-Agar Powder, sourced from seaweed, is a vegan gelatin alternative and a cornerstone for inventive and traditional cooking. Transform your kitchen into a gastronomic playground with this versatile ingredient. Whether crafting classic mousses, whimsical jellies, delightful candies or exploring its magic in both savory and sweet realms, Agar-Agar powder is your gateway to culinary innovation. Its unique properties allow chefs to stabilize emulsions, create airy foams, thicken sauces, and form gels, offering a spectrum of possibilities. This product aligns with the evolving needs of contemporary gastronomy and pays homage to time-honored culinary traditions.

Scaling Range: .5% - 8%
Hydrates: 203 F
Gels: 95 - 113 F
Melts: 185 F
Stable PH: 2.5 - 10
Tolerates salt, sugar, and alcohol

Vegan Panna Cotta: Use Agar-Agar as a plant-based gelatin substitute to create a silky-smooth vegan panna cotta infused with vanilla bean and topped with seasonal fruit compote.

Japanese Raindrop Cake: Formulate a visually stunning raindrop cake showcasing the clear, jelly-like aesthetics that Agar-Agar can achieve, paired with roasted soybean flour and sweet syrup.

Savory Mousses: Incorporate into savory mousses, such as a smoked salmon or roasted pepper mousse, for a light yet luxurious appetizer.

Fruit Jellies: Create artisanal fruit jellies with real fruit purees, perfect as a refined dessert or a gourmet snack.

Wine Gelees: Experiment with wine or champagne gelees as an elegant accompaniment to cheese platters or as an innovative dessert.

Thickening Soups and Sauces: Utilize Agar-Agar to thicken soups and sauces without altering their flavor, maintaining a clean and authentic taste profile.

Culinary Foam: Develop exciting culinary foams for modernist cuisine applications, enhancing the texture and presentation of dishes.

Ingredients: agar-agar