soy sauce, powder, non-GMO

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Soy Sauce Powder (Non-GMO), a culinary game-changer, delivers profound, rich flavors akin to premium soy sauces. This exceptional ingredient serves as a versatile base, seamlessly blending with various seasonings and savory elements to elevate dishes with its unique umami essence. Sourced with a commitment to quality and non-GMO standards, our soy sauce powder is a testament to our dedication to providing culinary enthusiasts with superior ingredients to master their craft.

Barbecue Sauce Enhancement: Infuse barbecue sauces with a deeper, richer umami flavor by incorporating soy sauce powder.

Teriyaki Sauce Creation: Create homemade teriyaki sauce with a balanced sweetness and savory depth, thanks to the soy sauce powder.

Gravy Enrichment: Add a hint of this powder to enhance your sauces with a complex flavor profile.

Marinade Base: Use as a foundational component in marinades for meats, imparting a savory depth and tenderizing properties.

Snack Seasoning: Sprinkle on snacks like popcorn, nuts, or chips for an umami-packed treat.

Meat Item Enhancer: Rub onto meats before cooking to deepen the flavor profile and add a savory touch.

Dressings and Soup Bases: Incorporate into salad dressings or soup bases for an added layer of savory richness.

Ingredients: fermented soy sauce (soybean, wheat), maltodextrin & salt.

Contains: Soy & Wheat

Allergens: soy, wheat