anise seed, whole

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Anise, also known as sweet cumin, is used in numerous regions, including the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East
Central America, Egypt, Mediterranean, Spain, and Turkey to name a few. Anise is an annual that is planted between February and March and harvested from June through August. When harvested, the plants are pulled up just before the fruit ripens and then they are dried. After drying the seeds are separated from the plant. They are light or pale brown to green and gray with a small oval shape. Anise has a licorice like taste and aroma with a touch of bitterness. The seeds can be used whole or ground. Used for both sweet and savory dishes, as well as alcoholic beverages such as pastis, arrack, anisette, and ouzo. Use to season beets, fish and shellfish, breads, cookies, marinades, fruits and vegetables.

Ingredients: anise seeds