anise seed, ground

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Experience the allure of Anise Seed, a culinary spice known as sweet cumin. Produced in numerous regions, including the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, Central America, Egypt, Spain, and Turkey, this annual herb is cultivated between February and March and harvested from June to August. The seeds were delicately air-dried just before full ripening, producing light to pale brown, green, and gray tiny oval shapes, delivering a burst of licorice-like taste and aroma with a subtle bitterness.

The whole or ground seeds are ideal for enhancing sweet and savory dishes and for including alcoholic beverages like pastis, arrack, anisette, and ouzo. Utilize them to season beets, fish and shellfish, bread, cookies, marinades, and fruits and vegetables.

Beet Elegance: Enhance the natural sweetness of beets by incorporating Anise Seed into your roasting or pickling process.

Seafood Symphony: Flavor fish and shellfish dishes by infusing Anise Seed into marinades or sauces, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Bread Bliss: Spice your bread recipes and create artisanal delights by adding a hint of Anise Seed, imparting depth and complexity.

Cookie Couture: Enchant your cookies with the unique essence of Anise Seed, offering a delightful twist to traditional recipes.

Marinade Magic: Compose tantalizing marinades for meats, infusing Anise Seed to create a symphony of flavors that will leave a lasting impression.

Fruit Fusion: Experiment with Anise Seed in fruit salads or compotes to introduce a sophisticated layer to your fruity creations.

Vegetable Vibrance: Illuminate the flavors of your vegetable dishes, from roasted roots to vibrant greens, with the aromatic touch of Anise Seed.

Ingredients: anise seeds