chicory root, granules, roasted

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Our carefully selected and roasted chicory root granules offer any creation a rich, earthy depth. They provide a robust, caffeine-free alternative to coffee with a luxurious, woody undertone and a hint of nuttiness. Perfect for the culinary artist seeking to infuse their creations with a touch of rustic elegance.

Chicory Coffee Blend: Combine 2 parts coarsely ground coffee with 1 part roasted chicory root granules. Brew using your preferred method for a rich, full-bodied beverage that pays homage to the New Orleans coffee tradition.

Spice Rubs: Enhance your meat rubs by incorporating chicory granules, bringing a smoky, bitter contrast to sweet and spicy components, ideal for barbecued ribs or brisket.

Dessert Infusions: Steep chicory granules in cream before making chocolate ganache or ice cream, adding a complex, coffee-like flavor that complements sweet treats beautifully.

Vegetarian Stews: Add depth to vegetarian stews and soups by including chicory granules, enriching the broth with its robust flavor, reminiscent of a slow-cooked meat base.

Craft Cocktails: Infuse bourbon or rum with chicory granules for a unique twist on classic cocktails, adding depth and intrigue to your drink menu.

Baking Ingredient: Incorporate into bread dough or pastry for a subtle, bitter undertone, offering an unexpected flavor twist that enhances the overall taste profile.

Salad Toppings: Toast chicory granules lightly and sprinkle over salads for a crunchy, coffee-flavored garnish that adds texture and flavor.

Ingredients: chicory root