chili powder, Granada, light

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With its distinctive light color, our Granada Chili Powder is a testament to the red fruit-forward flavors characteristic of select chiles. Further enhanced by the subtle warmth of cumin, the aromatic allure of garlic, and other spices, our blend reaches a depth and balance of flavors that truly sings. A touch of Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt provides the final note in this rich symphony of flavors, making Granada Chili Powder an outstanding choice for your culinary creations.

Paella Perfection: Sprinkle Granada Light Chili Powder into your paella mix for a robust, authentic Spanish flavor that brings out the best in your seafood or meat.

Enchilada Enhancement: Add a pinch of our chili blend to your enchilada sauce for a depth of flavor that will have your guests asking for your secret.

Taco Transformation: Upgrade your next Taco Tuesday with a dusting of Granada Light Chili Powder in your taco filling, creating a unique taste profile that'll make every bite memorable.

Dip Difference: Mix into your guacamole, salsa, or queso dip for an irresistible kick that goes beyond the usual.

Grill Greatness: Rub the Granada Light Chili Powder onto your meats before grilling for a smoky, subtly spicy crust that'll be the talk of your next barbecue.

Ingredients: chiles, spices, domestic garlic, Hawaiian Alaea red sea salt (sun-dried, hand-harvested white Hawaiian sea salt, premium baked Hawaiian red alaea clay)