harissa powder

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Unveiling our exceptional Harissa Powder, a gastronomic treasure from the core of Northern Africa. This blend goes beyond merely being a spice—it orchestrates tastes that transcend traditional heat to bestow a deep, rich flavor profile. Embodying the zestiness of chiles, the striking aroma of hand-picked spices, the pristine purity of hand-harvested sea salt, the robust essence of garlic, and the citric allure of lemon crystals, our Harissa Powder is an unrivaled champion on your spice rack.

Harissa Chicken: Give your chicken a flavorful twist with our Harissa Powder. Rub the blend generously onto the chicken before roasting or grilling for a great taste sensation.

Seafood Delight: Bring the freshness of the sea to your plate. Sprinkle our Harissa Powder on grilled or baked seafood for an exotic touch that elevates the dish.

Couscous Upgrade: Make your couscous sing with a dash of our Harissa Powder. It adds an unparalleled depth and kick that will leave you craving more.

Spiced Vegetables: Add a dash of our Harissa Powder to your roasted or sautéed vegetables for a taste experience that's a world away from the ordinary.

Zesty Dips: Create a fiery dip that packs a punch. Mix our Harissa Powder into your hummus or yogurt-based dips for an adventurous twist.

Ingredients: chiles, spices, Hawaiian Alaea red sea salt (sun-dried, hand-harvested white Hawaiian sea salt, premium baked Hawaiian red alaea clay), domestic garlic, lemon crystals ((Meyer lemon powder non-GMO (Meyer lemon, maltodextrin, corn starch, sunflower lecithin), organic cane sugar, citric acid non-GMO, dextrose non-GMO, lemon oil (California, pure, single fold, non-GMO), sea salt.)), lemon peel, citric acid non-GMO.

Contains: Sunflower