Creole spice, minced "spicy holy trinity"

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Experience the culinary jazz of the South with our exclusive 'Spicy Holy Trinity' Creole Spice Blend. This composition captures the essence of New Orleans' Creole cooking. Our unique blend combines garlic, onion, green & red bell peppers, chiles, celery, and tomato to bring out Louisiana's authentic, bold flavors. The delicate interplay of these premium elements constitutes our spicy rendition of the celebrated 'Holy Trinity' used in Creole cuisine. It's not merely a spice blend; it's an immersive journey into a storied cuisine.

Creole-style Gumbo: Boost the flavor of your gumbo with our blend. It adds depth and spice that will keep you coming back for more.

Jambalaya: A sprinkle of our Creole Spice Blend in your jambalaya brings an authentic Southern zing to your dish.

Grilled Shrimp: Rub our Creole Spice Blend on your shrimp before grilling for a seafood experience that's sure to delight.

Roasted Vegetables: Toss your favorite veggies in olive oil and our blend before roasting for a side dish with a punch.

Cajun Pasta: Our Creole Spice Blend is the secret ingredient to create a creamy, spicy Cajun pasta.

Ingredients: domestic garlic, domestic onion, green & red bell peppers, chiles, celery, tomato