holy trinity, minced

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Just as the triad of onion, carrot, and celery forms the classic mirepoix in French cuisine, a similar "holy trinity" anchors the heart of Southern Creole cooking. Our Creole-inspired seasoning blend is a culinary homage to the enchanting fusion of French, Spanish, and African flavors found in the diverse food scene of New Orleans, Louisiana. Despite shared roots, Creole and Cajun cuisines dance to different rhythms. While Cajun cooking features a symphony of spices, pork meat, and pork fat, Creole cooking uses tomatoes, butter, and cream. The "holy trinity" of Creole cuisine, captured in our blend, unites diced onions, green bell peppers, and celery. Whether perfecting a Creole-style Gumbo or adding a dash of Southern charm to your dish, this seasoning blend offers a flavorful, yet not overly spicy, touch that completes the picture.

Create a soulful Creole Gumbo, utilizing our blend to lay the foundation for an intensely flavorful broth.

Sprinkle over grilled vegetables for a unique, aromatic twist on your barbecue.

Use as a flavor base for a Creole-inspired twist on classic risotto, imparting a unique depth and heat.

Stir into tomato sauces or salsas to create a Southern-style dip or topping with a kick.

Sauté with shrimp, sausage, or your choice of protein, and serve over rice for a simple yet profoundly satisfying jambalaya.

Ingredients: domestic onion, green & red bell peppers, celery, domestic garlic, spices