Korean barbeque

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Experience our Korean Barbecue spice blend's bold and savory authentic flavors. This aromatic mix masterfully unites the umami of soy sauce, sesame seeds' nuttiness, ginger's warmth, and an ever-so-slight spicy kick. Transform your dishes into Korean-inspired culinary masterpieces that will entice your taste buds. Excellent in kimchi and exceptional for BBQ pork.

Marinate beef or pork short ribs in our Korean Barbecue blend for a flavorful and tender grilled galbi experience.

Stir-fry vegetables and tofu with a generous sprinkle of our blend to create a delicious Korean-inspired vegetarian dish.

Amp up the taste of your fried chicken by coating it with our Korean Barbecue blend before frying for a unique, mouthwatering twist.

Enhance your homemade kimchi by adding our blend to the seasoning paste, lending an authentic and complex taste.

Elevate your burger game by mixing our Korean Barbecue spice blend into your ground meat for a fusion of flavors to impress your guests.

Ingredients: granulated brown sugar, soy sauce powder non-GMO (fermented soy sauce non-GMO (soybean, wheat), maltodextrin & salt.), sesame seeds, domestic garlic, domestic onion, chiles, spices, citric acid non-GMO.

Contains: Soy & Wheat & Sesame

Allergens: soy, wheat, sesame