lavender flowers, Ultra, super blue, organic

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Our Ultra, Super Blue Organic Lavender is a fragrant delight sourced directly from the sun-kissed fields of Provence, France. This premium variety of lavender presents a distinguished scent and a vivid blue hue that bespeaks its exceptional quality. Its unique flavor profile encompasses a charming, sweet lemony taste with subtle minty undertones, adding a captivating nuance to an expansive array of dishes. A linchpin in French and Middle Eastern cuisines, our lavender is an extraordinary ingredient in sweet and savory recipes, bridging the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Beyond its culinary applications, lavender also holds a significant place in history, symbolizing purity and tranquility in ancient cultures. Whether you're seeking to elevate your culinary masterpieces or simply savor its soothing aroma, our Ultra, Super Blue Organic Lavender is bound to surpass your expectations.

Infused Lavender Oil: Infuse your regular cooking oil with the soothing aroma and delicate flavor of lavender, perfect for sautéing vegetables or drizzling over a fresh salad.

Lavender and Chocolate Dessert: A hint of lavender in a rich chocolate ganache adds a complex flavor profile that surprises and delights the palate.

Lamb or Rabbit with Lavender: Add a Provencal twist to your main dishes by incorporating lavender in your marinades or rubs for lamb or rabbit.

Lavender Honey Ice Cream: Transform a classic dessert into an artisanal experience with lavender-infused honey ice cream.

Lavender Lemonade: Elevate a refreshing summer drink with a dash of lavender for an added layer of sophistication.

Ingredients: lavender flowers