smoked tomato seasoning

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Experience the essence of true culinary mastery with our Smoked Tomato Seasoning. We craft this blend with organic tomato powder, garlic, chiles, onion, and carefully selected spices. We balance it with the crisp tanginess of acid, the savory richness of hand-harvested sea salt, and a subtle hint of hickory smoke. Our Smoked Tomato Seasoning imparts a unique combination of savory, sweet, smoky, and subtly spicy flavors, enabling you to elevate any dish to gourmet status without smoking tomatoes.

Gourmet Soup Upgrade: Stir it into a simmering pot of tomato soup or bisque to enhance its flavor profile.

Smoky Pasta Sauce: Sauté onions and garlic, add crushed tomatoes, a sprinkle of our blend, and simmer to create an extraordinary smoky pasta sauce.

Breakfast Boost: Sprinkle it over avocado toast or mix it into scrambled eggs for an unforgettable smoky morning boost.

Vinaigrette Virtuoso and Deviled Hollandaise: Create an enticing smoky tomato vinaigrette by mixing our Smoked Tomato Seasoning with olive oil, vinegar, and a touch of honey. Also, try adding a pinch of our seasoning to your homemade hollandaise sauce for a delightful 'deviled' twist, introducing an unexpected smoky tang to a classic brunch favorite.

Smoky Tomato Hummus: Blend chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, and our Smoked Tomato Seasoning to create a unique, smoky hummus dip that's sure to be a hit at parties.


Ingredients: domestic tomato powder organic, domestic garlic, chiles, domestic onion, spices, hand-harvested sea salt, hickory smoke flavor oil-soluble organic (organic sunflower oil, natural flavors), granulated brown sugar, citric acid non-GMO