smoked tomato seasoning

0.00 LBS
Make smoked tomato vinaigrettes or sauces without smoking your tomatoes! Simply add this smoked tomato seasoning to your sauce while cooking or blending. Lightly warm fresh tomatoes in olive oil and add smoked tomato seasoning to make a flavorful garnish for salads or entrees. Use as an all purpose seasoning in the beginning or at the end of cooking a dish. Make your own signature dish using this blend in polenta, vegetables, eggs (omelet) or use as a deviled twist in hollandaise.


Ingredients: tomato powder (tomato, 1 - 2% silicon dioxide may be added as an anti-caking agent), garlic, chiles, onion, spices, sea salt, hickory powder (maltodextrin, natural hickory smoke flavor, less than 2% silicon dioxide is added as an anti-caking agent), brownulated sugar (granulated brown sugar), non-GMO citric acid