vinegar, rice, powder, identity preserved source

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Rice Vinegar Powder, as an "Identity Preserved" product, is free from genetically modified content, ensuring its purity and quality. This versatile ingredient invigorates fruity flavors with a vibrant, fresh twist. It is especially beneficial in salt-reduced recipes, where it can seamlessly replace salt at a 1:1 ratio, making it a healthier yet flavor-packed alternative. Rice Vinegar Powder is an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen, whether used in dry mixes, coatings, glazes, entrées, or seasoning blends.

To reconstitute: use approximate 50 grain table vinegar (5% acetic acid), blend 50% powder with 50% water by weight.

Dry Rubs: Enchance your meat and vegetable rubs by incorporating Rice Vinegar Powder for a tangy zest.

Coating Mixea: Mix it into your batter for fried foods to add a subtle acidic note that enhances the overall flavor.

Glazes: Create innovative glazes for grilled meats or vegetables, mixing the powder with sweet and savory ingredients.

Entrées: Stir it into rice or pasta dishes for a nuanced depth of flavor.

Seasoning Blends: Combine it with herbs and spices to craft unique seasoning mixes for any cuisine.

Baking: Experiment by adding it to baked goods for a surprising twist, balancing sweetness with its bright acidity.

Ingredients: maltodextrin, & rice vinegar