cayenne pepper sauce, powder, identity preserved source, non-GMO

$11.54 - $78.03
0.00 LBS
Our Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder, produced from select aged cayenne red pepper and touches of zesty vinegar, make up this free-flowing hot sauce powder containing only identity-preserved or non-GMO ingredients. Versatile use in dry mixes, sauces, topical applications, blends, coatings, and glazes.

To flavor liquid hot sauce:
Use 1 part Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder and 3 parts liquid. (27 grams of powder will replace 100 grams of liquid hot sauce.)


Ingredients: hot sauce (aged cayenne red peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic), maltodextrin, (1 - 2% silicon dioxide may be added as an anti-caking agent)