garlic salt - with sea salt & domestic garlic

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Our Garlic Salt is an elegant blend of two culinary essentials: domestic garlic and hand-harvested sea salt. Our domestic garlic, renowned for its bold and earthy flavor profile, is carefully combined with pure, hand-harvested sea salt, offering a hint of brine that evokes the ocean's essence. This union elevates the simplicity of garlic salt, transforming it into an artisanal ingredient that adds depth and character to any dish it graces. Created with professional chefs and home cooks in mind, our Garlic Salt embodies our steadfast dedication to bridging the culinary world with the finest ingredients.

Sprinkle over freshly grilled steaks to amplify the savory notes, accentuating the meat's natural umami flavors.

Blend into homemade pasta dough for an added layer of complexity and a delightfully subtle garlicky punch.

Incorporate into your classic garlic bread recipe to enrich the flavors and add a wonderfully saline undertone.

Use it to season roasted root vegetables, enhancing their natural sweetness while offering an enticing counterpoint.

Stir into creamy mashed potatoes to elevate this staple side dish with an exciting flavor twist.

Ingredients: domestic garlic, sea salt