everything for the bread, "melange pour le pain"

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Our Everything for the Bread Spice Blend, "Mélange pour le Pain," creates a vibrant blend of spices, sesame seeds, savory domestic onion, hand-harvested Syracuse salt, and aromatic domestic garlic. This versatile blend dresses up plain bagels into eye-catching masterpieces and transforms bread into a colorful and abstract work of art.

Use to season Everything bagels and bread rolls

Sprinkle over avocado toast or cream cheese-covered bagels

Mix into breadcrumb coatings for fish, chicken, or vegetables

Enhance the flavor of salads, grain bowls, or pasta dishes

Rub onto meats or roasted vegetables for an extra burst of flavor

Ingredients: spices, sesame seeds, domestic onion, hand-harvested Syracuse salt, domestic garlic.

Contains: Sesame

Allergens: sesame