peppercorn melange, 5 blend (b,w,p,g,allspice)

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Our Peppercorn Melange is a unique five-blend medley that celebrates the allure of black, white, pink, and green peppercorns, all gracefully enhanced by the warm, aromatic undertones of allspice. Hand-selected from the world's most renowned spice-growing regions, these peppercorns perfectly replace everyday black pepper, offering a complex symphony of heat, sweetness, and depth that will elevate your gastronomic creations. Simply crack, grind, or crush these pearls of flavor using your peppermill, spice grinder, or chef's knife, and witness how they infuse a divine aroma and rich taste that enliven any dish with their presence. Each pepper brings its distinctive notes, harmoniously embodying our love and respect for time-honored culinary traditions, the rhythm of the kitchen, and the magic of exceptional ingredients.

Pink peppercorns are in the same botanical family as cashew and pistachio.

Steaks & Roasts: Coarsely grind the Peppercorn Melange as a rub for steaks or roasts, unlocking robust flavors that seep into the meat during cooking.

Peppered Sauces: Add depth and a spicy kick to creamy or red sauces, balancing the richness with a welcome heat.

Salads & Vinaigrettes: Sprinkle the Melange onto fresh salads or incorporate it into vinaigrettes for a hint of spice and an elevated taste profile.

Seafood: Use as a crust for seared tuna or salmon, giving the delicate flavors of seafood a contrasting peppery edge.

Baked Goods: Unconventionally, add a pinch to sweet baked goods like cookies or cakes for a surprising flavor twist, showcasing the versatility of this Melange.

Ingredients: spices, pink peppercorn.

Contains: Tree Nuts

Allergens: tree_nut