peppercorn melange, 4 blend (b,w,p,g)

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A mixture of black, white, pink, and whole green peppercorns, used in place of whole black peppercorns for complex pepper flavors—complements almost any dish. Use a peppermill, spice grinder, or the edge of your chef knife to crack, grind, or crush these peppercorns

Pink peppercorns are in the same botanical family as cashew and pistachio.

Upgrade a simple steak au poivre by replacing the traditional black pepper, adding depth and a subtle diversity of flavors.

Incorporate this blend in your homemade spice rubs for barbecue meats to add a subtle peppery kick.

Sprinkle over fresh salads or roasted vegetables, providing an exciting flavor contrast to the earthy greens and roots.

Use it in your brine or marinade recipes for poultry or pork, letting the various pepper flavors seep into the meat for a luxurious taste.

Enrich your creamy pasta sauces, soups, and stews by grinding Peppercorn Melange with a warming and aromatic spice element.

Ingredients: spices, pink peppercorn.

Contains: Tree Nuts Allergen

Allergens: tree_nut