oregano leaf, Mexican, cut and sifted

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Mexican Oregano Leaf is a quintessential herb grown in the sun-kissed soils of Mexico and Central America. With an aroma more potent and a flavor profile more intense than its Greek and Mediterranean counterparts, this distinctive herb offers a uniquely earthy zest. Whether it's vibrant salsa, robust chiles, or hearty soups, Mexican Oregano Leaf brings forth an unrivaled depth of flavor that radiates warmth and authenticity. Its remarkable versatility allows it to pair seamlessly with various ingredients, from the richness of pork and poultry to the fresh zest of tomatoes, citrus, and peppers. Enhance your culinary creations with the bold character of Mexican Oregano Leaf.

Infuse Mexican Oregano Leaf into your spicy tomato salsa for a more complex flavor and a burst of Mexican authenticity.

Add a pinch to your citrus-marinated fish, enhancing the marinade's depth while balancing the citrus tang.

Sprinkle it in your hearty soups to add a robust, earthy dimension, particularly complementary in bean or lentil-based dishes.

Blend it into your chile dishes, allowing its bold, spicy undertones to elevate the heat and overall complexity.

Rub it on your poultry or pork before grilling or roasting, creating a flavorful crust that permeates the meat with every bite.

Ingredients: whole oregano, Mexican