paprika, Spanish, 160 ASTA

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Indulge in our Spanish Paprika's rich, vibrant hues and irresistible flavor, expertly prepared from finely ground sweet red pepper pods. This distinguished spice exhibits a brilliant palette, ranging from a vibrant red-orange to a profound blood red. As a cornerstone in European and Spanish cuisines, its subtle earthy, and delicately sweet profile is indispensable for enhancing and elevating your culinary masterpieces.

Create a gourmet twist on traditional deviled eggs by blending in a sprinkle of Spanish Paprika, accentuating the dish with a vibrant splash of color and a hint of sweet warmth.

Add a pinch to a classic paella, lending depth to the seafood, meats, and vegetables and enhancing the rich saffron-infused rice with a delightful touch of Spanish authenticity.

Take your beef stew or goulash to the next level by infusing it with our Spanish Paprika's subtle, earthy warmth. Its rich, layered taste profile adds a dimension of flavor that truly sets the dish apart.

Whisk it into a homemade dry rub for grilled meats, providing a stunning color and depth of flavor penetrating the pork, veal, or beef.

Sprinkle over creamy mashed potatoes or oven-roasted fries, adding an enticing visual appeal and a kick of sweet spiciness that takes the humble potato to new heights.