paprika, Spanish, SMOKED

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Experience the flavors and bold, smoky personality of our Spanish Smoked Paprika. This versatile spice, crafted from finely ground sweet red pepper pods smoked to perfection, showcases a vibrant red-orange hue that deepens to a rich, blood-red, painting your culinary creations with a palette of stunning colors. The distinct sweet and mildly smoky flavor profile of this Spanish Smoked Paprika adds a unique touch to any dish, establishing itself as an indispensable ingredient in your culinary journey.

Enliven your Barbecue: Use Spanish Smoked Paprika in your barbecue marinade or dry rub to lend a smoky, sweet warmth to ribs, steaks, or chicken.

Spanish Style Rice: Add it to your rice dishes like Paella, imparting a deep, smoky flavor and a visually stunning red color.

Innovate your Breakfast: Sprinkle some on your scrambled eggs or omelets for a smoky twist to your breakfast routine.

Flavorful Veggies: Toss it with roasted or grilled vegetables to add a deep, sweet, and smoky character.

Savory Sauces and Soups: Incorporate it into your sauces, goulash, or cream of paprika soup, lending them a rich, aromatic depth and vibrancy.

Ingredients: paprika