rosemary leaf, cracked

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Cracked Rosemary Leaf is a timeless culinary treasure. Native to the lush Mediterranean and thriving in the wild since 500 B.C., it proudly belongs to the mint family. This intriguing herb boasts an enchanting triad of flavors:

A refreshing hint of lemon.
A stimulating undercurrent of mint.
A resonating pine note that boldly emerges.

Skillfully cracked to perfection, this spice unveils the vibrant personality of rosemary. It vitalizes diverse dishes, from succulent lamb to hearty grains, elevating everyday cooking to extraordinary gastronomy.

Infuse the robust flavor of our Cracked Rosemary Leaf into a slow-roasted leg of lamb, unlocking the piney freshness that harmonizes wonderfully with the rich, gamey taste.

Stir into a comforting mushroom risotto, allowing the aromatic notes of rosemary to complement the earthy, umami depth of the fungi.

Blend with olive oil, garlic, and a squeeze of lemon for a simple yet gourmet marinade, ideal for poultry, fish, or vegetables.

Invigorate a traditional beef stew with a generous sprinkle of Cracked Rosemary Leaf, enhancing the robust, hearty flavors with a rustic Mediterranean touch.

Create a unique twist to your homemade bread by adding our Cracked Rosemary Leaf into the dough, offering a fragrant, flavorful bite in every slice.

Ingredients: rosemary leaf