sumac, red, ground

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Our ground red sumac, a culinary prize, comes from wild sumac bushes native to Turkey and flourishing across the Middle East. Once dried, these vibrant brick-to-dark purple-red berries yield a unique flavor profile – a harmonious blend of fruity, sour, and astringent notes with a subtle aroma. It's essential for those seeking to add an authentic Middle Eastern twist to their dishes.

Fish Enhancement: Enrich the taste of grilled or baked fish by sprinkling sumac for a tart, lemony accent.

Poultry Seasoning: Rub sumac on chicken or turkey before roasting to add depth and a tangy flavor.

Yogurt Infusion: Stir into yogurt to create a zesty dip or sauce, perfect for drizzling over grilled meats or vegetables.

Meat and Lamb Marinade: Incorporate into marinades for lamb or beef, giving a distinctly sour note that complements rich meats.

Vegetable Toss: Season roasted or grilled vegetables with sumac for an added layer of complexity and brightness.

Ingredients: sumac, salt