New Mexico chile, red, ground

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Heat Level: Scoville Heat Units: 500 - 1250 SHU

New Mexico Chile Red Ground, a culinary treasure from the renowned Hatch Valley of New Mexico, embodies the essence of a rich culinary heritage. A ripened version of the famous New Mexico Hatch green chile, it dazzles with its vibrant red hue and tantalizing flavor profile. Esteemed for its complex blend of sweet, fruity, and mildly spicy notes, it adds unparalleled depth to many dishes. With a heat level ranging from 500 to 1250 Scoville Heat Units, it offers a gentle warmth that complements rather than overpowers. This versatile chile is an indispensable addition to any gastronome's pantry, perfect for those who appreciate a subtle yet distinct kick in their cuisine.

Salsa Enhancement: Amplify the flavor of homemade salsa by adding a dash for a nuanced spicy-sweet note.

Chutney Twist: Introduce it to fruit chutneys to balance sweetness with a hint of mild heat.

Tamales Seasoning: Sprinkle into tamale fillings for an authentic Southwestern flair.

Hot Sauce Base: Use as a foundation in hot sauces, offering complexity without overpowering heat.

Barbeque Sauce Infusion: Blend into barbeque sauces for a sweet and spicy kick, ideal for grilling.

Pizza Topping: Sprinkle on pizzas for an unexpected burst of flavor, particularly with cheese and tomato-based toppings.

Marinade Magic: Mix into marinades for chicken, beef, pork, fish, or vegetables, enhancing them with its signature sweet-heat profile.

Ingredients: ground New Mexico chile pepper