Hawaiian, Alaea red sea salt, fine

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Introducing our Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt - Fine, a distinctive salt brimming with the savory, earthy flavors of the Aloha State. Sourced from the exceptionally clean waters of Molokai, our Alaea Red Sea Salt holds a reduced sodium content, balanced by an array of natural elements, trace minerals, and electrolytes. This fine salt boasts a favorable pH balance of 9.37, composed of 81% sodium chloride and a remarkable 19% of 80 naturally occurring trace minerals, contrasting to conventional table salts that may contain up to 99% sodium chloride.

With a blend of time-honored techniques and cutting-edge technology, the harvesters ensure minimal impurity introduction during the dehydration process, yielding a pure, flavorful salt. The distinguishing element of this Alaea Red Sea Salt is the premium baked Hawaiian red Alaea clay, derived from layers interspersed with lava rock, which ingrains the salt with its rich color and robust, earthy taste.

Dynamic Dressing: Sprinkle on fruits and salads to enhance the flavors and add a beautiful color contrast.

Seafood Secret: Use to season fish and shellfish, bringing out the best in your seafood dishes.

BBQ Brilliance: Add a savory touch to your barbeque and grilled items, meat, or vegetables.

Sweet and Savory: Use as a topping on both sweet and savory dishes to introduce an earthy flavor note.

Recipe Innovation: Incorporate into any recipe for a subtle taste of the Hawaiian terroir.

Ingredients: sun-dried, hand-harvested white Hawaiian sea salt, premium baked Hawaiian red alaea clay