Tuscan blend

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Unleash the essence of the Italian countryside with our enchanting Tuscan Blend. This sumptuous assortment of premium herbs and spices pays tribute to the age-old gastronomic traditions of Tuscany, providing a versatile seasoning that ignites your culinary creativity. Whether you're invigorating pasta dishes, enlivening roasted vegetables, or transforming meats and poultry with luscious marinades, our Tuscan Blend adds a compelling dimension of flavor, whisking you off to the sun-drenched vineyards and rustic kitchens of Italy. Blend it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a vibrant salad dressing, or create an authentic, delightful bread-dipping experience. Embrace endless gastronomic adventures with the flavorful symphony that is our Tuscan Blend.

Stir into your preferred pasta or gnocchi sauce for an instant injection of Tuscan flavor, adding a complex and comforting depth.

Roast vegetables in a shower of Tuscan Blend to unlock a new dimension of taste and color.

Whip up tantalizing marinades for meats and poultry by combining our blend with your choice of liquids and fats.

Emulsify with high-quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar to create an unforgettable, zesty salad dressing.

Sprinkle over your homemade pizza, wilted greens, or your choice of protein to infuse a distinct Tuscan essence that elevates every bite.

Ingredients: and-harvested sea salt,, domestic garlic, spices, domestic onion, domestic tomato powder non-GMO, lemon crystals ((Meyer lemon powder non-GMO (Meyer lemon, maltodextrin, corn starch, sunflower lecithin), organic cane sugar, citric acid non-GMO, dextrose non-GMO, lemon oil (California, pure, single fold, non-GMO), sea salt.)), chiles, organic flavor (organic sunflower oil, organic natural flavors).

Contains: Sunflower