Chai, Zen blend

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Our Zen Chai Blend is a harmonious mixture of ingredients that reverberates with an impeccable balance of flavors. Each element, from the aromatic cardamom and Penang cloves to the organic Assam black tea and Ceylon cinnamon, is meticulously sourced to ensure the highest quality. The Zen Chai Blend embodies the soothing tranquility of a Zen garden, promising to bring warmth, comfort, and a subtle hint of exotic spice to your palate. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey of taste and aroma with our Zen Chai Blend, elevating your favorite recipes, beverages, or concoctions.

Usage: Add 5g of Chai per 175ml product; if infusing in hot liquid, the recommended time is not to exceed 8 minutes.

Chai Spiced Apple Pie: Infuse the Zen Chai Blend into your homemade apple filling to add an intriguing layer of warmth and complexity.

Chai Zen Ice Cream: Enhance your homemade vanilla ice cream by incorporating Zen Chai Blend, creating a decadent dessert that balances creaminess with aromatic spice.

Zen Chai BBQ Rub: Explore the savory side of Chai by using the Zen Blend as a unique BBQ rub, giving your grilled meats an exotic spin.

Spiced Chai Banana Bread: Sprinkle in the Zen Chai Blend into your banana bread batter for a comforting and spicy twist to your breakfast or tea-time staple.

Zen Chai Latte Smoothie: Blend your Zen Chai with almond milk, a banana, and a spoonful of honey for a refreshing and delicious smoothie to kickstart your day.

Ingredients: spices, organic Assam FTGFOP (black tea), cinnamon