vanilla beans, planifolia (bourbon), organic

$11.50 - $299.70
0.00 LBS
Do not refrigerate vanilla beans. Store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.
Due to fluxuation in the vanilla market, PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Our vanilla beans (vanilla planifolia or true vanilla) are SUN CURED after they have matured on the vine. They are sun / sweat cured following the old tradition first used by tribes in Mexico (the first people to cultivate vanilla). This results in a much richer and more flavor vanilla bean. These beans are purchased directly from the farmers after they are harvested and cured, insuring the best quality and price. Vanilla beans are native to tropical America, and are the dried - fermented pod of an orchid plant. They were used for centuries as a flavoring by Aztecs in a cacao based drink. The beans are picked when mature, and require a curing process that takes place in the sun. Use with shellfish, ice cream, chocolate, fruits, creme brulee / pastry creme / creme anglaise, and other egg / custard type desserts, pies, and baked goods.