mole, ancient peppers and vanilla blend

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Building on the flavors of our original mole blend inspired by a chef friend's family recipe from Guadalajara, Mexico, this blend represents the sweeter side of mole. The peppers used in this blend have played an essential role in the culinary and cultural traditions of the region since pre-Columbian times. While this is still a superb choice for chicken, pork, fish, or vegetables, it is also excellent for sweeter and dessert applications. In one of our numerous tests with this blend, we made a dessert featuring mole ice cream served with cajeta (dulce de leche).


Ingredients: chiles, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, spices, honey granules (refinery syrup & honey), demerara sugar, non-alkalized cocoa powder, vanilla, sea salt, domestic garlic

Contains: Sesame Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds

Allergens: sesame