annatto seed, ground

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Ground annatto seed, a cornerstone in East Indian, Spanish, and Latin American cuisines, stands out for its vibrant yellow to red-hue, primarily imparting rich color to butter, cheese, and smoked fish. Beyond its coloring prowess, annatto boasts a slightly musky flavor that adds a subtle, intriguing depth to a variety of dishes. This renowned spice enhances the culinary palette with its unique taste and color.

Colorful Tacos: Infuse taco meats with ground annatto to give them a distinctive, appetizing color and a hint of earthiness.

Annatto Aioli: Whip up an annatto-infused aioli to add a splash of color and flavor to sandwiches and burgers.

Vibrant Rice Dishes: Stir a teaspoon of ground annatto into rice dishes, like paella or risotto, to achieve a beautiful golden hue and a touch of muskiness.

Marinades for Grilling: Enhance your marinades with annatto for grilling beef or pork, imparting a beautiful color and a nuanced flavor profile.

Seafood Enhancer: Sprinkle ground annatto over fish or shellfish before cooking to add depth to the natural flavors of the sea.

Vegetable Roasts: Toss roasted vegetables with annatto for an eye-catching dish that bursts with color and a subtle, earthy taste.

Annatto Butter: Create a compound butter with ground annatto, perfect for spreading on bread or melting over grilled meats and vegetables.

Ingredients: annatto seed