celery seed, ground

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Celery Seed embodies the essence of wild celery herb lovage, hailing from the verdant landscapes of eastern and southern Europe. These tiny yet potent brown seeds offer a bold, intense aroma underpinned by a subtly bitter undertone. Their inclusion is a subtle yet powerful way to enrich the flavor profile of numerous recipes.

Bloody Mary Boost: Infuse your Bloody Mary mix with ground celery seed to add a zesty, earthy note.

BBQ Rubs: Combine with other spices to create a unique BBQ rub for grilling meats and vegetables.

Creamy Coleslaw Dressing: Mix into coleslaw dressing for a tangy twist that complements the creamy texture.

Homemade Bread: Add to bread dough for a subtle, aromatic flavor that enhances homemade loaves.

Potato Salad Zing: Sprinkle into potato salad recipes for an extra layer of flavor that pairs well with the creamy potatoes.

Vegetable Soups: Stir into vegetable-based soups, enhancing their natural flavors with a warm, slightly bitter undertone.

Marinades for Poultry: Incorporate into marinades for chicken or turkey to add a distinct, savory depth.

Ingredients: celery seed