Appalachian sea salt, hand harvested by J.Q. Dickinson Salt - Works

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We present Appalachian Sea Salt, a stunning culinary masterpiece as timeless as the ancient Iapetus Ocean it originates from. Nestled beneath the majestic Appalachian mountains lies the untouched brine aquifer, a relic predating even the Atlantic Ocean. This ancestral reservoir feeds the production of our salt, hand-harvested with care by the dedicated team at J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works. Following the harvest, the salt is sun-dried within greenhouses, a labor-intensive process preserving its authentic character and pristine purity. This remarkable finishing salt carries within each grain the ancient echoes of the sea, delivering a versatile and potent ingredient for all your culinary endeavors.

Gourmet Finishing: Use Appalachian Sea Salt as a finishing touch on your gourmet dishes, adding a delicate crunch and a unique mineral-rich flavor.

Vegetable Roasts: Sprinkle this ancient sea salt over your roasted vegetables to intensify their natural sweetness and enhance caramelization.

Grilled Seafood: Season your grilled fish or shellfish with Appalachian Sea Salt, harmonizing the fresh, salty seafood flavors with the ancient ocean essence in the salt.

Artisan Chocolates: Sprinkle Appalachian Sea Salt on your homemade chocolates or caramels, adding an intriguing salty twist to your sweet treats.

Homemade Breads: Incorporate Appalachian Sea Salt into your bread recipes, giving your loaves a subtle flavor boost and a lovely crunchy texture on the crust.

Ingredients: salt