autumn spice mix

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Unfolding the essence of autumn in a bottle, our unique Autumn Spice Mix is a culinary homage to New England's vibrant Fall season. This exquisite blend marries comforting cinnamon, smoky roasted garlic, sweet maple, caramel undertones of brown sugar, an array of aromatic spices, and a whisper of chiles for an unexpected kick. Each ingredient mirrors and encapsulates the warmth and richness of Fall. This blend is not merely a seasoning - it is an immersive experience, transforming your dishes and transporting you to a golden Fall afternoon in New England with every tantalizing bite.

Autumn Fruit Salad: Toss apple and pear wedges in a blend of Autumn Spice Mix and olive oil. Roast or Grill them to perfection, and sprinkle them atop a fresh salad for a beautiful balance of flavors.

Seasoned Root Vegetables: Give your root vegetables an extra flavor boost by coating them in our spice blend before roasting or grilling. The caramel notes of the brown sugar and the warmth of cinnamon will elevate these hearty vegetables to new culinary heights.

Spiced Meats: Marinate pork, beef, or chicken in a mixture of Autumn Spice Mix and a bit of olive oil. Let it rest for a few hours, then grill, bake, roast, or sauté to your liking.

Autumn Spice Baked Goods: Add a teaspoon to your favorite pumpkin or apple pie recipe to imbue it with a unique autumnal twist.

Warm Beverages: Stir in a pinch of our Autumn Spice Mix into your hot chocolate or cider for a cozy, comforting drink, perfect for chilly autumn evenings.

Ingredients: spices, granulated brown sugar, domestic garlic, domestic onion, maple extract powder, organic (organic dextrose, organic cane sugar, organic rice concentrate, natural flavors, organic natural flavors), hand-harvested sea salt, chiles