five spice, whole

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Comprising an array of traditional Asian aromatics, our Whole Five Spice Blend unites the cornerstone flavors of the East. Born of premium star anise, exotic Saigon cinnamon, aromatic cloves, fiery Szechuan pepper, and more, this dynamic ensemble delivers a full-bodied, robust experience. As these spices maintain their whole form, they preserve their essence and potency far longer than their powdered counterparts. You can use this blend as is, taking your dishes on a gustatory journey of deep flavors, or grind it and incorporate it into countless dishes. We firmly believe that the essence of great cooking starts with the mastery of fine ingredients.

Infuse Broths and Soups: Add the whole spices to your broths and soups during the simmering stage. This cooking method imparts a flavorful depth and infuses an inviting, warm aroma throughout your kitchen.

Marinades and Brines: A well-seasoned brine or marinade is key to succulent, flavorful meats. Toss in our Whole Five Spice Blend to level up your BBQ chicken, roasted pork, or grilled seafood.

Home-Made Spice Blends: Craft your very own unique spice blend. Ground our Whole Five Spice Blend and mix it with other spices, herbs, or even teas to create a one-of-a-kind seasoning that will add an exclusive signature flavor to your dishes.

Rice and Grain Dishes: Elevate simple rice or grain dishes by adding this blend to the cooking water or broth. It will infuse your grains with a nuanced flavor profile that pairs well with an array of accompaniments.

Crafted Cocktails: Get adventurous and infuse your crafted cocktails or mulled wines with this vibrant blend. A simple syrup steeped with our Five Spice Whole Blend will provide a complex, exotic twist to your favorite beverages.

Ingredients: spices