mulling spice

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Infuse warmth into your holidays and special occasions with our Mulling Spice Blend. This harmonious medley offers a perfect crescendo of flavor and aroma reminiscent of cozy autumnal evenings and vibrant holiday gatherings. Elevate your beverages with this blend and experience a burst of joy in each sip, making it an ideal companion to a wine, cider, or beer gift, stirring a festive cheer into every celebration.

Mulling Wine: Create a soul-warming holiday classic by adding a tablespoon of our mulling spice blend to a bottle of your favorite red wine and simmering gently.

Spiced Cider: Heat a quart of apple cider with a generous sprinkle of mulling spice blend. Add a dash of brown sugar for an extra layer of comfort.

Holiday Potpourri: For a non-edible delight, simmer the mulling spices with water on the stovetop. The aroma will permeate your home, creating a warm, festive ambiance.

Spiced Tea: Brew a pot of black tea and add a teaspoon of the mulling spice blend for a deliciously warm, spiced drink perfect for chilly evenings.

Spice-Infused Desserts: Try adding a dash of the blend into your pie mixtures, pumpkin bread batter, or even into your gingerbread dough to introduce a warm depth of flavor that's uniquely comforting.

Ingredients: spices, domestic orange peel