berbere, Ethiopian spice blend

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This fiery, spicy, and flavorful version of Berbere showcases the depth and versatility of Ethiopian culinary traditions. This blend is an intricate mosaic of fiery chilies harmoniously entwined with aromatic spices, complemented by warm garlic, ginger, and onion notes. The flavors elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary, encapsulating the vibrant essence of an Ethiopian family kitchen, bringing it right onto your plate. As a cornerstone of Ethiopian cuisine, our Berbere blend serves as your ticket to an authentic, rich, and unexplored culinary adventure.

Ethiopian Stews (Doro Wat): Imbue your poultry or meat stew with our Berbere spice blend for a warm, hearty meal that packs a punch.

Grilled Meats: Make a dry rub with our Berbere blend to season your meats before grilling, adding an exotic twist to your BBQ.

Vegetarian Dishes: Sprinkle over legumes, lentils, or chickpeas for a rich, aromatic, and vegetarian-friendly meal.

Roasted Vegetables: Add a pinch of our Berbere blend to roasted vegetables, creating a spicy and fragrant side dish.

Homemade Dips: Stir into hummus or yogurt-based dips for an added layer of complexity and depth to your snacks.

Ingredients: chiles, spices, domestic garlic, ginger, domestic onion