shichimi togarashi, Japanese seven spice blend

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Elevate your culinary creations with our Shichimi Togarashi, a versatile Japanese seven-spice blend, also known as the "everything spice mix," crafted from the finest ingredients. This exotic medley fuses the fiery heat of chiles with the nuanced flavors of sesame seeds, orange peel, and nori seaweed. Revel in the aromatic notes of poppy seeds, spices, and orange oil, which contribute depth and complexity to an extensive range of dishes. Our Shichimi Togarashi will ignite your taste buds and whisk you away to the heart of Japanese cuisine.

Enliven your sushi rolls or poke bowls with a sprinkle of Shichimi Togarashi for an added burst of flavor.

Mix with soy sauce, mirin, and grated ginger to create an irresistible marinade for grilled or pan-seared meats and seafood.

Enhance your ramen, miso soup, or hot pot with a dash of this seven-spice blend for a warm, comforting meal with a kick.

Create a unique and delightful popcorn seasoning by mixing Shichimi Togarashi with melted butter or coconut oil.

Amp up the flavor of roasted or sautéed vegetables by tossing them with a bit of Shichimi Togarashi before cooking.

Ingredients: chiles, sesame seeds, orange peel, seaweed (nori), poppy seeds, spices, orange oil non-GMO (organic sunflower oil, natural flavors, paprika oleoresin, vitamin e).

Contains: Sesame & Sunflower

Allergens: sesame