cardamom pods, green, whole

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Green Cardamom Pods are an aromatic marvel. A member of the ginger family, these pods are native to India and nurtured in various tropical regions of Asia, South America, and the Pacific Islands. Each vibrant green pod is a treasure trove, housing between 17 to 20 seeds. Each seed releases an intense, unique aroma. Their flavor, a symphony of warm, spicy-sweet notes, is underscored by a lemony freshness. Carefully sourced for their superior quality, these cardamom pods can transform any dish, evoking the rich culinary traditions of Scandinavian, East Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Brew a comforting cardamom-spiced tea, perfect for those cold evenings or as a soothing digestif after a heavy meal.

Use these whole cardamom pods to elevate your curry dishes, adding a depth of flavor to make your homemade meals taste restaurant-worthy.

Try it with your rice dishes - it imparts a gentle aroma and taste that can transform even the simplest dishes into something special.

Toss a few pods into your slow-cooked stews to add a layer of complex, aromatic warmth to your comfort food.

For an adventurous dessert twist, infuse cardamom into your homemade ice cream or custard for an exotic, tantalizing flavor.