peppercorn, green, whole

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Green Peppercorns Whole – A culinary jewel, these immature berries from the same plant as black peppercorns preserve their vibrant, verdant hue and crisp, fresh flavor through a freeze-drying process allowing them to maintain the unique piquant twist they bring to dishes. Embracing a tradition of culinary excellence in French, Creole, and Thai cuisines, our green peppercorns are a favored ingredient easily milled or crushed between fingers for an instant flavor upgrade. These green peppercorns are a gastronomic delight, ideal for poultry, fish and shellfish, soups, sauces, and vegetables, and the perfect partner for the imaginative chef looking to explore new taste horizons.

Creamy Peppercorn Sauce: Stir into a creamy sauce for steak, adding a delightful punch of flavor and a beautiful visual contrast.

Peppercorn-Crusted Tuna: Crush and press onto the sides of a tuna steak before searing, offering a vibrant, tangy crust.

Green Peppercorn Marinade: Add to a marinade for chicken or pork, imbuing the meat with a fresh, peppery flavor.

Elevate Your Soup: Sprinkle into a creamy potato soup or a hearty chicken broth, providing a surprising burst of flavor and a pop of green color.

Homemade Pickles: Incorporate into your pickling spice blend for a fresh twist on homemade pickles.

Ingredients: peppercorn